Exercise benefits from agility - running through a tunnelNot all dog breeders are energetic and built for dog agility, and so this article only pertains to the 150+ dog breeds that are able to participate in agility competitions. Small, medium and large dogs can participate in dog agility, and it can be very therapeutic for them, as exercise will calm them down. Does your dog have excess energy? Dogs with excess energy often let it out in destructive ways, such as tearing up your home, chewing up furniture and ripping down curtains and lamps. Some dogs even get aggressive towards their owners, as they are too excited and can’t control their energy. When an energetic dog breed has excess energy and begins to misbehave, it is time to start exercising them. Going for a walk or a run every day will calm dogs down, but agility training will knock them out for the rest of the day.

Exercise is good for dogs just like it is good for us humans, so don’t think you will be harming the dog in any way. They love to exercise and learn new tricks, so teaching your dog agility is perfect. Agility is a healthy activity, one that stimulates the dog both physically and mentally, as they are learning and working hard to make it through an obstacle course. Keep your dog well fed and hydrated at all times and he will just fine. If your dog begins to get tired and its affecting the training, then take a break and give your dog a chance to catch his breath and relax.

Dog agility is good for dogs because it stimulates them in a way that regular exercise doesn’t.  The obstacles, jumping and crawling definitely make them use their brains a little more than they would with a jog around the block. This kind of stimulation will leave your dog satisfied, and if your dog has been destroying the house due to excess energy it will definitely be put to an end after a few agility training sessions.

Finally, dog agility is good for dogs and their owners because it gives them a chance to bond, which is enough to make everyone happy. Dogs are fun to be around and it’s really exciting to see your dog learn new moves as you help guide them through the different obstacles. There are so many dog agility benefits that one must experience it to fully understand what we are talking about. The dog’s health, bonding, and fixing behavior problems are just some of the dog agility benefits that you will commonly hear about. If you are interested in getting your dog involved, then get started as it’s a great experience.

Why Dog Agility is Good for Dogs…