Dog Agility with a Border Collie doing Weave PolesDog agility is a great sport for dogs, as it requires a dog to complete an obstacle course with the guidance of a human handler. This activity is all about speed and accuracy, as a dog usually can’t complete one of the obstacle courses without the help of a human to guide them. Training your dog for this sport is a great way to bond with your pet, as dog agility requires the usage of your dog’s instincts. Your dog will get the opportunity to use his or her natural instincts, as in the wild they have to force their way through the woods, where fallen trees and bushes are everywhere. Dog agility is also a great sport for keeping your dog in shape, and you as well as long as you are the handler during training and competitions.

The obstacle courses are far from simple and it would be a miracle if a dog completed one without the help of a human to guide them. Before competitions, the handlers are usually allowed a quick walk-through of the obstacle course. They take a quick walk through the course so they can get the best understanding of how they will guide their dogs; however they can’t bring their dogs with them. Although it doesn’t take long for the run to be over, the planning process might take longer as the handler figures out how they position themselves in the obstacle course.

Dog agility is a relatively new sport for dogs, as the first example of one was held in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s. That example was at the Crufts Dog Show, and dogs were running around an obstacle course similar to a horse jumping course. Ever since the first demonstration of dog agility, people wanted to see more, and so the competitions spread around the world. Today, dog agility competitions are quite common and there are trainers who are willing to help both the owner and dog prepare for agility events. There are numerous obstacles, such as tunnels, ramps, teeter-totters, and jumps. In order to enter your dog in a competition you will have to dedicate a good amount of time into training your dog how to get through these obstacles.

What is Dog Agility?