Rough Collie Training for AgilityTraining your dog for agility is not an easy thing to do, which is why many people pay for classes instead of trying it at home. Of course, you can set up an agility course in your backyard so you can train at classes and at home if you want. Either way, training your dog for agility requires a good deal of time and patience. Classes can be quite expensive; however they will teach you and your dog, which is often necessary as most people don’t know how to train their dog for agility. It’s not as simple as teaching your dog basic commands, so it usually requires help from a professional or extremely experienced individual.

First, make sure that you have a dog that is capable of competing in agility competitions, as some dogs are not healthy or athletic enough to participate. Your best bet is to take a visit to the vet and see what a professional thinks about your dog’s ability to participate in that kind of activity. Make sure your dog knows basic commands and listens to you well. If you have problems getting your dog to do as you say and learn basic obedience training, then you will have to wait before starting agility training. If your dog is good for it, then you can get started.

Now you have a few choices, you can train your dog by yourself at home, or you can take classes with a professional dog trainer. Another option is to do both if possible, as doing both will ensure that your dog learns quickly. If you only train your dog at classes, then there are many hours of the day that your dog is missing out on practice. Actually, both you and your dog are missing out on practice, and if you want to compete then you will need the experience.

There are many tricks you will need to do your dog, such as climbing through tunnels or performing jumps. A dog agility course is full of obstacles that you and your dog need to be prepared for. Each organization has a different set of rules and different equipment used. You should take time out to look at the requirements for each organization; there are just a few of them. UKC, AKC, NADAC, and USDAA are the big four organizations and you should read through their rules and requirements before training your dog for agility.

Here’s a video with tips on dog agility training from a professional dog trainer. Learn how to train your dog for agility, then take action and join a class or start training at home. This video covers the basics of dog agility training.

How to Train Your Dog for Agility