Border Collie Puppies from Dog BreederFinding a dog breeder can be difficult depending on where you’re located, but when you’re looking for the perfect dog to teach agility, it’s more about picking the right puppy from a litter. If you are looking for an affordable dog breeder then it would be worth your time to check out your local Craigslist postings. Many people are rehoming puppies for under $100; just make sure you pick the right puppy. Try to meet the parents of the puppy in order to find out if the breeder knew what he or she was doing, as some breeders will sell you flea infested puppies from aggressive parents. There are certain traits you can look for to see if the puppy you want will be good at agility, but mainly you want a dog that is eager to please his owner.

Which dog breeds are the best for canine agility?

There is not a specific list of dog breeds that are best for canine agility; however some dogs are obviously bad choices. Your dog doesn’t even have to be purebred; mixes have performed well in competitions many times. Over 150 dog breeds have performed well in canine agility, so it is very likely that your dog is capable of learning and doing well. Obviously, an English bulldog will not be athletic enough for agility training and events, while a herding or working dog will likely be fantastic at agility.

How to Pick the Best Puppy – Traits to Look For

Basically, you want a dog that wants to please his or her owner, as these dogs are going to be easier to train. You also want a smart dog, so do a check online to see how smart the breed is, as some breeds are more intelligent than others. When you are picking out a puppy, pay close attention, as an eager to please dog will often make eye contact. Also, the puppy should be energetic and curious, not scared or overly calm. An energetic dog will love agility training, and you will not have to worry about some of the common behavioral problems that high energy dogs have when they don’t get proper exercise. So, you want an energetic dog that is eager to please you, and the breed is not that important, as long as the dog is athletic enough to jump a certain height. I have 2 goldendoodles. THey are very intelligent and love to learn. Our breeder for GoldenDoodle puppies was Blue Ridge Goldendoodles. There are jumping requirements for dogs who want to compete in agility competitions, you can find the information on


Finding a Dog Breeder