Dog Agility Equipment Set upIf you are looking to train your dog for agility at home rather than at a class with other dogs, then you will definitely need your own equipment. Most of the dog agility equipment is large and takes up a good amount of space, so make sure you have enough room for the equipment before making the purchase. Teeter-totters are about 10-12 feet long alone, so make sure your backyard has enough room for all the equipment. If you decide to purchase the equipment and train your dog for agility at home, then you and your dog will not be disappointed.

First, you should purchase tunnels and tunnel holders to ensure that the tunnel does not flip over when your dog is running through it. Tunnels can be bought or built, either way they are not that expensive and they come in different sizes. Tunnels are not the complicated to make, as they are just made out of wire and fabric, the wiring is used to develop the tunnel frame and the fabric is a cover.

Weave poles are the next thing you should purchase, as teaching your dog to weave around the poles takes time and patience. If your dog doesn’t get enough practice then it will be difficult to train him or her, as even when you take your dogs to classes they will recommend that you purchase weave poles for home training. It can be very entertaining to see your dog use the weave poles, so it’s definitely worth the money. However, weave poles are inexpensive, and you can even build your own using parts purchased from Home Depot or even Walmart. Of course, if you do a quick search online you will find many places that sell weave poles, they aren’t that expensive.

The next thing you will need to set up a dog agility course is the jumping equipment, which for home use, can be a single one-bar jump. With the help of a PVC pipe you can make your own jumping equipment, so don’t spend too much on it. If you want more advanced jumping equipment for your dog to train with then you should purchase double or triple jumps from an online store. Then there is the tire jumps, however they aren’t necessary for at-home agility training.

That’s all the dog agility equipment needed to set up your own course at home, anything else can be added if you have room but these are the main products that you need to have. The tunnel, weave poles and jumps will make training your dog for agility competitions much easier, as they can go to classes and also train at home for fun.

Here is a great video that shows you how to set up your own pet agility course…

Dog Agility Equipment